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Moments of Enigma

Not overlooking the tragedies that lie in waiting in such in-betweens; in between realities, in between times, in between states of consciousness. Enclosed within realms of an unknown chronicle, there is an element of a tightrope walked somewhere between consciousness. Unnamed characters that are grasping to take hold of a thin, spider web; to fall from either filament would mean to risk the sense of safety, unraveling and dissolving the illusion of Utopia into decay. A sentiment of escape acts as a paradox within this world of waning; much like the impression encountered with the closure of a book. Reality once again envelopes the reader yet they are still holding onto the closing words of a dissolving world. My work embeds a bidding of curiosities that are felt when placing the initiallyfootfall away from the safety of light into a sinking darkness; transcending the viewer fromfact into falsehood

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